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2010/11/10 In Memoriam - Chris Schutte

Click here for article published in the Namibia Sun

2010/11/09 Bateleur en Chris Schutte word stil

The sad passing on 8 November 2010 of Chris Schutte, owner of Namibia Commercial Aviation and the beloved DC-6 Bateleur.

Click here for the article published in the Namibian Republikein Online Newspaper

2010/10/01 DC-6B ferry flight to new home.

South African DC-6B ZS-MUL c/n 45329 (ex ZS-XXX) will be ferried to her new home.
Click here

2010/10/01 DC-6B Tour of Australia.

For Australia, the DC-6B was regarded as the ultimate in propeller driven airliner reliability and economy. The seven DC-6s and six DC-6Bs operated by Australian airlines represented an era now long gone when flying was an adventure and service wasn't just a catchword in a glossy brochure.

In February, 2011, and together with
Namibia Commercial Aviation , Yesteryear Aviation will be proud to bring the DC-6B back to Australia to show younger Australians how it was, to allow older Australians to reminisce and remember, and to share our love of classic vintage aeroplanes with all Australians.

The DC-6B will be 
V5-NCG the last DC-6 ever built and named Bateleur.

Press release February 2010.

DC-6B Tour of Australia February 2011.

A JOINT venture between Namibia Commercial Aviation and Australia’s Yesteryear Aviation will bring aviation history to life at the beginning of next year.

NCA’s Douglas DC-6B airliner, V5-NCG, the last one of its kind still doing commercial passenger flights, will depart from Windhoek’s Eros Airport on a nearly three-month odyssey to Australia.
The plane will participate in celebrations of the Australian centenary of powered flight and according to Yesteryear director David Gray, Namibia holds the holy grail of aviation history with the DC-6B.
“The DC-6B was the ultimate domestic piston-engine airliner operated in Australia,” he said. “To be able to work with NCA and to take the last passenger DC-6B back to Australia is incredibly exciting. She is the epitome of how a vintage aircraft should be presented and operated. There is nothing quite like her in Australia, and that is something that all Namibians should be proud of”.
The DC-6B will fly via Johannesburg, Reunion Island and Cocos Island before arriving in Perth, Australia to start the tour.
From Perth she will circumnavigate Australia, touching down in every state capital city for joy-flights, open days, charity and community events as well as participating in large functions like the Australian International Air Show at Avalon and the Australian leg of the International Red Bull Air Race World Series in Perth.
“Projected attendances at just the two air shows alone will see the DC-6B seen by over 500 000 people. Tie this in with the expected 1 800 people to fly in her, plus airport open days around the country, and she becomes a highly visible airborne ambassador for Namibia,” said Grey.
Hans Wiehahn, general manager of NCA said: “The last passenger DC-6B left Australia in 1968, and 43 years later we will be making history by returning.”

2010/10/12 New colours for DC-6 N70BF

Michale Prophet sent in the three pictures below of DC-6 N70BF c/n 43720/373 in almost complete Pan American Airlines colours.

The realization of a dream.......a Pan Am DC-6!  (scroll down)

This is the Pan Am colors, I am missing the Globe in the tail, the name: Clipper: Liberty Bell and the American Flag, next week we will finish.
Carlos Gomez

Carlos Gomez is the owner/flight engineer (F/E) of Florida Air Transport and Turksair located at Opa Locka airport (North of Miami)

N70BF is a cargo DC-6 which he uses mainly in the Caribean region.

Together with Roger Jarman they operate a passenger model DC-7B under the name +

c/n 43720
DC-6 N70BF
Pan American Airlines colours
Miami - Opa Locka (OPF) Florida USA)
12 October 2010
Photograph: Florida Air Transport

c/n 43720
DC-6 N70BF
Pan American Airlines colours
Miami - Opa Locka (OPF) Florida USA)
12 October 2010
Photograph: Florida Air Transport

c/n 43720
DC-6 N70BF
Pan American Airlines colours
Miami - Opa Locka (OPF) Florida USA)
12 October 2010
Photograph: Florida Air Transport