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c/n 44668




Service / Fate

del 16 November 1955


US Air Force

wfu February 1975

Withdrawn from use and parked at Davis Monthan AFB, Arizona

bt 12 May 1976


Pacific Alaska airlines

bt 1977


Time Avenue Services & converted to DC-6A

lsd August 1978


Mark Air Transport

lsd 1979

Jet Way

bt 1980


DHL Island Airways

bt October 1984

Pacific Air Express

bt 25 February 1986


Trans Air Link Corporation



West Air Aviation, Namibia.




United Nations Organisation (wet leased/franchised from West Air Aviation)

UN/WFP op in Namibia

July 1994


Written off during landing accident, Namibia, without fatalities

The following was sent to DC-6 researcher and historian Leon Steyn, 20 January 2011.

Dear Leon,

Attached please find some photos of the DC-6A-44668, V5-WAC (Westair Cargo) when it was in our hands in Namibia, shortly after independence in 1990.

The need arose for heavy lift transport with the new era and Southern Angola had to be supported by the World Food Program. It was Namibia Commercial Aviation who was the pioneering company to register a DC-6 in Namibia in 1990 and Westair purchased this 44668 in September 1991. The aircraft was flown across the pond from Fort Lauderdale by Gert de Klerk and his crew carrying long range fuel and two single aircraft. She was configured and kitted for the relief operation out of Rundu Air base in Northern Namibia bordering Angola.

Food was trucked & railed from Walvis bay via Grootfontein and stored in the old SADF Air Force hangars. From here loads were flown into southern and south eastern Angola. This operation was well organized logistically and an average of 65 tons of commodity was moved daily by the two DC-6 aircraft. A fuel depot was installed in a very short time to support the two aircraft with AVGAS. Flights ranged from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours into Angola and up to 4 flights were done per aircraft every day. Loads were reduced as the days aged due to high temperatures.

This operation was interrupted and stopped by Government in 1994 and the DC-6s were returned to Windhoek. This was trouble for us and the aircraft was marketed. After huge efforts it was sold in 1995 and Mike Mayers will be able to get you the history up to the aircraft’s final flight, which he survived.

On the three photos attached is a take-off from Eros with the mountains in the background, a full load take-off out of Rundu (I recall sitting on the center line taking photos with the DC-6 passing about 5 meters above; crazy experience) and a start-up for a flight with a full load into southern Angola. The commodity moved, included corn, oil, beans, buckets, motor cycles, fuel drums and we also installed four 5000 Ltr containers for Diesel. This arrangement for the diesel fuel was a comprehensive installation with spillage provision and emergency dump facility; hence the little tube visible under the rear fuselage.

We trust this will assist you in your mission to add to the history of 44668.

Peter Keil
Technical Director
Aviation Road
Eros Airport
P. O. Box 407

The exact dates not known but must be between 1991 and 1993.
The logo on the front of the aircraft (Pelican) is the early West Air Cargo logo.